Friday, July 01, 2005


"Imagination is more important than knowledge." Albert Einstein

This quotation is featured prominently in a mural in the science building at ACU. I think it is appropriate for the students to know that knowledge is not the end of learning.

When I was a librarian at one of Abilene's elementary schools, one of my fourth-grade boys was extremely interested in fairy tales, folk tales, etc. He would check out nothing else despite my best efforts. One day his mother sent a note to me to not allow the boy to check out these books anymore because they contained witches, trolls, hags, wizards, dragons and other "godless" beings. For the remainder of the year, as the class looked for books, the boy sat in the folklore section and looked through all the books he could in 30 minutes. He did not check out another book that year, except those his teacher required for book reports. I often wonder where he is now.

When our imagination fades, so do our brains. What new imaginations can we apply to the worship of God, the living of life in God, community life in the church? Don't we need to try?

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