Saturday, July 02, 2005

Birthday bash

What's more fun than watching 15-20 (nobody ever got a real count) preschoolers play in water and sand; slide down slides, swing in swings, eat birthday cake and open presents? Not much.

Maddie's fourth birthday was a true bash; even baby Sam came outside to watch and listen. Hot dogs and grilled sausage, cowboy salsa and diet lemonade really hit the spot as we mostly sweltered in the heat. I longed to jump in the kiddy pools myself.

Maddie should have enough new toys to last awhile. The hit of the day was the Tinkerbell costume with velcroed wings. She did look like an angel in it.

I remember having one birthday party--it must have been third grade. Only 4 or 5 friends, cake and punch, very simple. I don't remember presents except some paper dolls.

Brandon usually had elaborate birthdays with many friends. One special thing was that Sam made and decorated all his cakes. We had them at home, in Cobb Park, at the skating rink, at McDonalds, at church. It was lovely and lots of fun for his parents. And I observed that happening today--it was lovely and lots of fun for Maddie's parents. Nobody likes a party more than Brandon Thomas.

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