Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Home to Harmony

I just finished reading a good book Home to Harmony by Phillip Gulley. It is a collection of vignettes set down by a Quaker pastor who has come home to preach. Similar to Karon's books with less plot. Some of the vignettes would be fun to read aloud to a group. I loved the one about what we all learn in first grade. The one called Roger and Tiffany is about the pastor, Sam,and his parents visiting Roger, his brother and his vegan girl-friend for thanksgiving dinner. The pastor's mother thought vegan was a cult. The food for the dinner was marcaroni without cheese,small, wormy pesticide free apples, lettuce, a pitcher of herbal tea and a bowl of kiwi fruit. The parents immediately left for the grocery store coming back with a turkey breast, potatoes, cranberries and a two-liter bottle of RC Cola. Tiffany protests, "I can't eat this. I'm a vegan." Roger's mother whips out her Bible, turns to the 10th chapter of Acts and reads about Peter being told to rise, kill and eat. And so they ate.

It seems Roger was not a total vegan. He had been eating with Tiffany and then stopping at Burger King for a Whopper on the way home.

Pastor Sam's conclusion of the matter was that it is so hard, in this world, to be who we are.

I am ordering the other Harmony books soon.

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