Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Summer vegetables

As I write today, the smell of cooking black-peas wafts into the study. IMHO there is nothing more pleasing to the palate than fresh summer vegetables.

Sam delighted in planting a huge garden in the front yard of our house at Potosi. He had okra, squash, canteloupe, peas, beans, asparagus, and other things worked in occasionally like Jerusalem melon which tastes somewhat like a cross between a canteloupe and a mushmelon. So sweet!!! Oh, yes, rows of tomatoes. Once, we even tried our hand at blackberries, but it took too much room away from the other things.

Our summer dinners would be black-eyed peas, canteloupe, peeled and sliced tomatoes and cornbread swimming butter. What a treat.

Thank you God for the treasures of the earth you gave us. You understand how our bodies and tongues long for good food and provide.

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