Monday, July 18, 2005

A Little Culture Goes a Long Way

I have been in two groups recently in which parents expressed fear of our culture and its effect on their children. Books, movies, television, etc.

I wonder if those who "do" Sunday School Curriculum have devised a study to help them and their children out? Rather than teaching David and Goliath for the 1,000th time, could we not address some of the influences of the world in student life in classes at church? Waiting until high school is probably too late. There very well may be excellent stuff out there I do not know about. However, I have never seen, in the adult curriculum, classes to help parents in these situations:

Parents said they would like to have an avenue to handle the hassels of dress codes when "all other" girls in the group were wearing halter tops and short jeans. They would like to have help dealing with R rated movies being shown at some else's home
to a group which included their child. They would like to have help in dealing with cliques which shut out any child who is different. Today's "music" is generally beyond the parents.

How would a joint class with parents and children work? How would we approach it without seeming like dinosaurs who know nothing about what is going on?

I don't know the answer--just posing questions.

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