Sunday, June 19, 2011

Signing off for a while

This the last blog for a while; my computer is being disconnected tomorrow, and I am moving back to Abilene--the van will be there Saturday.  I am leaving beautiful Nashville after seven wonderful years.  Today was was long and tearful at church and small group, but it is a blessing to have so many wonderful friends who will be friends forever.

Thank you Nashville for your beautiful spring, summer, winter and fall.
For your lovely southern hospitality
for the blessings of the Otter Creek Church
for my sweet book club, the Church Chicks
for the Patterson small group who listened to me and actually agreed most of the time with what I said
for the best preacher in the realm--Josh Graves
for the elders at Otter Creek who are still growing in the Lord and showing the church their courage and faith
for your country music, entertainers, the Ryman, TPAC, who have all entertained me
for the Tennessean, a newspaper worth reading (compared to others in my experience)
for Davis and Kidd bookstore (now closed) which showed me what an independent book store can be
for all the wonderful places to eat  that do not exist in Abilene (but I am going back to good Tex-Mex food and Sharon's barbeque
for your small-big town feel which welcomes all comers
for the excellent health givers I have encountered, especially Bill Serafin
for the cool air (most of the time)
for the many venues of Civil War history and Nashville's love for  preserving it
for my little house in the burbs--just my size with nice neighbors
for the location of my house, 5 minutes from Publix (what am I going to do without Publix?), Kroger, the gas station and Starbucks (people in the drive-through know my name!)
for the caring spirit of Otter Creek that reaches into the inner city where people are homeless and hurting

Thank you God for all of these and many more memories of Nashville.
Thank you, thank you, and good-bye.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What Next?

Found out that my seller in Abilene can't close until July 21--but the good news is that they will allow me to move into the house and pay rent until then--THANK YOU PEGGY MANNING!!!If my dear readers in Abilene or elsewhere need an excellent realtor--she is it!!!!

Meanwhile, trying to juggle doctor's appts. and cancellations, get my diabetic shoes before I leave, get utilities on in Abilene (what is is this craziness with electricity?)  Deregulation has not accomplished anything but trouble and expense for the public and more money for the companies split.  As usual, the little man gets gutted.

Although the moving company is packing most of the stuff, I am trying to pack some of what I call "Thomas Treasures".  The contents of the Mow's chest, Brandon's old toys, books I want to get to first, etc.  What a pain to see all that I have collected in seven years living here--talk aboout materialism.....forgive me Lord.

I plan to be on the road a week from tomorrow headed to Abilene.....please pray for smooth transition.