Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What Next?

Found out that my seller in Abilene can't close until July 21--but the good news is that they will allow me to move into the house and pay rent until then--THANK YOU PEGGY MANNING!!!If my dear readers in Abilene or elsewhere need an excellent realtor--she is it!!!!

Meanwhile, trying to juggle doctor's appts. and cancellations, get my diabetic shoes before I leave, get utilities on in Abilene (what is is this craziness with electricity?)  Deregulation has not accomplished anything but trouble and expense for the public and more money for the companies split.  As usual, the little man gets gutted.

Although the moving company is packing most of the stuff, I am trying to pack some of what I call "Thomas Treasures".  The contents of the Mow's chest, Brandon's old toys, books I want to get to first, etc.  What a pain to see all that I have collected in seven years living here--talk aboout materialism.....forgive me Lord.

I plan to be on the road a week from tomorrow headed to Abilene.....please pray for smooth transition.

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