Sunday, January 22, 2012

Have You Read......?

A recent survey found that on the average household bookshelf there were at least 80 books the owners had not read.  How many do you have?  I think I have more than that.

I don't know what the problem is;  maybe I just like to look at them.  Or as a retired librarian, I like to pretend I have a library.  Or is it just greed?  There is no way I will ever read them all unless (God forbid) I am bedridden for several years.

Why then do I keep buying books?  It is a puzzlement...... Lately I have been buying books I had to read, like books for the book club, or books for Sunday class, or books about Eccelesiastes to help me in my studies.  I yearn for a good book just to enjoy reading!  Know one?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Sam!

This would have been my hon's 79th birthday!  Born on Friday the 13th--a perfect day for his puckish personality which compelled him to use plastic spiders, roaches, flies, snakes, etc. to other's disadvantage; it compelled him to stuff frightening dummies for the enjoyment of others; and to think of other devious plans to prank others.  All in good fun--his.  Because people loved him, they quickly forgave him for any uncomfortable moments he caused and often tried to get him back (usually failing).

He was a kind, compassionate man who loved children, his job as a teacher and principal, and his family.  God was #1 on his list of those to be adored, and his life and conversation showed it.

I often wonder what he would have been like in old age because he never seemed to age.  He loved me and his son Brandon with all his heart, and we returned the love and high esteem.  I wish there could have been more days to spread the love.

I read at Thomas Elementary yesterday, and had to pause under his portrait in the hall and think about how much he would have loved his school (although he would have been very shocked and humbled by the honor of having a school named after him.) 

Happy birthday Sam Thomas -- wonder if heaven has birthday cakes?  Maybe angel food?  With ambrosia and divinity on the side?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sifting and dusting

I'm sifting through Christmas cards; saving pictures and enjoying the cards one more time.  Got the Christmas tree down thanks to the BST and Sheryl. So those little pieces of leaves from the tree have to be vacuumed--honestly, they seem to breed in the corners.  Dusting is a must too--quotidian tasks after a great time!

Pictures are mostly up in my house.  That makes such a difference in making the space seem like it is really mine.  Plus, I get to look at them each time I enter a room. 

Thank you God for such menial, small tasks that make us happy on this day in January.