Friday, July 20, 2012

Oh, no! Not again!

I didn't like the news on NPR this morning as I awoke.  I was in Dallas at the Texas Library Convention when Columbine happened.  Now, an insane man does it again! Oh, God.  The enemy is working overtime!  So sorry for the families of those who died and those who were hurt.  I grieve for those who have guns and a grudge who do not know You.  Please put your hand of peace on their hearts.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


It is such a joy to follow the recording sessions of the Zoe Group this week in Nashville.  These people have been together for over ten years, singing, laughing, and inspiring thousands of church people.  Check out Brandon or David England on Facebook to see some of the pictures they took including a new photo for professional use.

I have loved all nine of the group and others who have joined them--they are so dear!

Looking forward to the new recording "Faithful" soon.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Charles Siburt

Part of my childhood died today of cancer.  Charles Siburt, prophet, teacher, preacher, friend was part of my growing up years.  I was a teenager when his family moved to Hamlin, Texas to minister.  His father was probably the best preacher we ever had--and his mother was a true jewel.

Charles was a wee bit younger than I.  He, his sisters Myra and Elva and I did what teens do in a youth group.  We traveled to surrounding churches for youth meetings where we ate and sang; we played silly games in the "parsonage" (his parents so graciously hosted many a youth meeting), and we talked and talked.  Little did I know that very chunky little kid would grow up to be a giant in the church--one who frequently saved churches from imploding; one who taught young preachers how to save themselves; one who taught many classes at ACU on church growth and organization.  Sam and I took one of his classes at night.  Although his classes were usually full, this class was very small--only us and one other couple.  I don't remember the other couple, but I do remember the wise words that fell like rain on a church elder and his wife.

I don't know why people like him can't live to be 90; that is a question I will resolve later when I ask about Sam, but I do know that in his short life, Charlie did more than any one man could do in enriching the church, loving his family, and living a joyful life in Christ.