Thursday, July 14, 2005

More kitchen items

As you can already tell, I am not a minimalist decorator. Add to the things that have memories yesterday:

Cups hang on a cup holder made by a woodworker friend Bill Temple. Bill also taught for Sam. The holder is made of wood from the old Stamford Hospital where one of my brothers was born.

I have a gorgeous pitcher on my stove done by potter Janelle McGuire, the twin sister of one of my best friends, Jeannean Nichols. The pitcher is cream and has the Chinese character for forgiveness on it. She copied the character from Ed Young's book Voices of the Heart.

My kitchen madonna sits in the corner of the cabinet. It is a painted wooden figure with hands folded in prayer. Painted in gold paint, it is flecked with blue crosses.

A ceramic cross with a heart in the center was given me on my birthday by the Zoe group. It has all their autographs on the back and hangs on the cabinet blacksplash.

The 50's.Com bible class gave me a cross emphasizing faith also hangs there, with a stained glass cross given me by Brandon.

Memories tell us something about who we are. I think I am very blessed.

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