Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sam A. Thomas again

Here's another Samuel Alexander Thomas story I don't want to get lost or forgotten.
Seems in the early 20's, the Thomases lived in an old two-story house. Although it had electricity, the wiring was rudimentary. Old Sam shaved in the combination kitchen, dining room with the single light bulb for the room (it dangled with a long cord from the ceiling) clipped over the sink so he could see in his mirror propped up in the kitchen window. It was Thanksgiving and Ollie his wife and other relatives had been cooking all week long for the traditional huge family dinner.

Ollie had the table set, with all the food loaded on the huge table. She called everyone to dinner. Sam was finishing shaving and somehow knocked the light bulb free. It swung over the table, hit the cake stand and broke into a thousand pieces all over the Thanksgiving food. Nobody got to eat that day. Sam was so disgusted, he went out the barn and didn't come back until nightfall. He could be heard saying one of his favorite expressions "I played thunder" and several other strong words as he stomped to the barn.

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