Thursday, July 21, 2005


Maddie, Ella and Baby Sam came to visit today--it was lovely! The prayers of children intrigue me--so forthright, so down to earth (kind of like the Lord's Prayer) and often so funny. At the table at lunch, Ella blessed everything and everybody she could think of and then thanked God for catsup. The girls would never be without the red stuff; I never bought catsup before they came along.

I have been thinking about intersessory (sp?)prayer since I attended a class last night in another church in which 30 minutes of the hour class time were taken up with a "laundry list". Is there an example of this type prayer in the Bible? Some of you scholars out there tell me the background of this type of prayer. I do not wish in any way to denigrate our prayers for each other--so don't go off on that please. I have been prayed for many times in time of trouble and appreciate all the benefits of those prayers. I wonder, do we dodge praise prayers or deeper prayers in which we actually talk to God as our father in favor of these long lists?

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