Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Memories in the kitchen

Thanks to all who responded to yesterday's titles. Tony's Miss Bindergarten goes to Rehab made me laugh! I can tell he has been reading Miss Bindergarten to his daughter. And Phil's Mr. Match meets Mr. Dryer Lint was good as well as Debi's Tickle Me Where?

In her new summer magazine, Mary Englebreit writes, "Decorating with objects that evoke meaningful feelings and memories is one of the surest ways to stamp a room with your own indelible style." I began looking around my kitchen and saw at the top of the cabinet:

The clear Depression glass "Iris" pitcher from my paternal grandmother, Grannie Dobbins.
The bluebonnet serving bowl Sam bought me on our trip to Salado.
Two crocks owned by Sam's grandmother. I use the bowl (largest in my house) to make dressing for Thanksgiving.
The handpainted pitcher created by my dear friend Pat Phillips.
The antique hand churn used by Sam's grandmother to churn many a lump of butter.
The chocolate pitcher done by my friend Carolyn Hughes, now gone home.
Two apple pitchers bought for me by Brandon.
The dark brown pitcher we early-marrieds bought at Safeway in our first year of marriage. It is now a collectable.

I guess you can see I collect pitchers and memories.

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