Saturday, July 16, 2005

Full of family

We had a feast last night at the rehearsal dinner of Jason McArthur and Alisha Swindle.

The food was excellent. The new Provident building provided a magic atmosphere with all the million dollar records hanging on the walls, a giant photo of Michael W. Smith greeting us, and the grand piano in the entrance (beautifully played by J. V.) to the banquet room.

As with most dinners of that sort, the fun came in the open-mike sessions when friends and family revealed all sides of the honorees. Jason Douglas McArthur was into music from the very beginning of his life and obviously his voice is still entertaining thousands of Zoe fans. Alisha was quite the prankster growing up, and her beautiful green eyes still flash with fun. The night was full of family and grace.

May their union be blessed by God and enjoyed by their family and friends.

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