Sunday, June 19, 2005

Watching Brandon

I love watching my son father. He has so many qualities that make a good father:

He delights in his children--his shining eyes and exuberant laughter envelope them in love.

He talks to them about God freely, emotionally and naturally so that Maddie and Ella (Baby Sam is a little too young yet) sing and talk about God too. Prayer time at night is sacred time.

He plays with them with great enjoyment whether it is sitting in the kiddy pool with them or circling in Ring Around the Rosy--it's all fun.

He is warm, affectionate and always excited to see and be with his girls and Sam, as they are with him. I have watched the girls at the door waiting for him quivering with anticipation.

He is a positive encourager. I am never with them that I don't hear him say how pretty and sweet his girls are, and how much he treasures them.

He loves telling them stories about their Poppy--the grandfather they will never see on this earth, but who was a father much like theirs.

He sets aside time just for the girls and is very careful to carve out those hours that are so precious to them.

He is stern when needed, but always precedes punishment with explanation and follows it with hugs and kisses.

He loves reading books to Maddie and Ella and delights when they can read them back.

Thank you God for modeling love for us and for blessing Brandon with three healthy, wonderful children who love him and you.

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