Tuesday, June 28, 2005

KO and Marilyn and sweet friends

As Brandon said today on his blog, it was so good to see K. O. and Marilyn. We go way back with both of them. Marilyn and I taught together several years at Austin Elementary. She was the penultimate third grade teacher. She is retiring, having seen as she said, "more cycles than I really wanted to see." Things do keep coming around in the teaching profession. K. O. is the new dean of the business school at McMurry University.

Sweet friends who stay in your lives are true blessings from God. When you share so many memories, the stories just keep coming. Marilyn also taught under Sam when he was principal at Austin. She was next door teacher with a family cousin Louann Flynt who now has multiple schlerosis. Both experts! In fact, the old Austin faculty with whom I taught had some outstanding teachers who made their mark in Abilene. There was no better speech pathologist than Louise Gray who trained more than her share of speech people. Great memories of lunchtime gossip, PTA programs, faculty meetings, and playing tricks on our principal Dave Jones. The faculty got it back when the chief trick-player Sam Thomas followed Dave as principal.

I don't want to go back, but it was surely fun while I was there.

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