Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Peter Pan and Michael Jackson

Peter Pan last night was a fantastic experience. The sparkle in Maddie's eyes was worth a million dollars. Cathy Rigby is amazing--at 52 flying around the auditorium, doing acrobatics, dancing like she grew up on Broadway and singing. Wow!

Now to the comparison of Michael Jackson to Peter Pan--hogwash! Jackson is a 46 year-old-man hedonist who never learned morals. Oh, he grew up--but not in the right ways. Peter is a little lost boy with no mother to tuck him in, to read him stories or to mend the holes in his pockets. Jackson is a billionaire who manipulates his staff, sucks attention out of every event, and seems to have a problem learning from prior circumstances. I try not to believe everything written in the media, but anyone with two eyes can see that this man has bigger problems than never growing up. Hopefully no child will ever visit his Neverland again, although there were mothers interviewed on TV yesterday who said they would allow their children to go there. Who's the bizzare one here? James Barrie is probably turning over in his grave.

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