Saturday, June 04, 2005

Mr. Fry

In the halycon days of the 50's when students at my high school could leave the campus for lunch, a primary destination was Mr. Fry's Hamburgers (I don't really recall the actual name of the place--we just called it Mr. Fry's).

We would walk the three blocks to downtown savoring the taste of his burgers all the way. His little shotgun shop was next door to the shoe and boot shop which had its own wonderful smell. You could get the most luscious burger and a Coke in a glass for 50 cents. The burgers were put on buns which had been buttered and browned on the grill so that the edges were crisp and the middles were still buttery. The tomatoes were always huge, and real, and did not taste like cardboard like some do today. Fresh lettuce completed the deal with all the catsup, mustard or mayo you wanted to apply yourself. I don't remember any French fries attached, probably because the burgers were so good.

Long before McDonalds or Wendy's, Mr. Fry gave us the model for a real burger and added cholesterol to our young bodies before anyone knew what that was. Thank you, Mr. Fry--I can still taste your burgers in my memory.

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