Saturday, June 25, 2005


Standing in line at the bank yesterday, I was drawn to thinking about retirement.
There were at least 15 men in line holding paychecks. By looks, most of them were day laborers, but they were having a good time looking forward to cashing their check.

As a retiree, my check is direct deposited, and I don't get the rush that comes from seeing those numbers on a piece of paper and knowing I will soon have cash in my hand. There is a satisfactory feeling in looking at your paycheck--knowing you have labored and are getting paid for it. As a retiree of the state of Texas and a member of the Social Security System, I know I will never get a substantial pay raise ( yes, there are those $2 "cost of living raises"). I will never again be in line for merit pay, nor will I ever receive a bonus. (Never did get a bonus as a teacher, anyway).

On the other hand, I do have a guaranteed check in the bank each month--more than many people in the U. S. have. My greatest lesson to learn is to spend less of it and save more.

Thank you God for your patient and loving care.

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