Sunday, June 12, 2005

The food we eat

I am still fascinated by the difference in the food culture here and in Texas. In the book I previously mentioned Being Dead is No Excuse, the authors list the top ten funeral foods with Tomato Aspic as #1 on the list. One would never catch a Texan eating or making Tomato Aspic.

When I married, Sam's Aunt Maude gave us a deviled egg plate with cute little holes for those eggs. A woman of the South, she knew, I guess, that deviled eggs were very desirable for funerals. Except in the South, they call them stuffed eggs.

Of course fried chicken would make the list in both Texas and the South. The younger generation has been known to visit Uncle Harlan's for the chicken rather than drag out the frying pan and oil as they do here.

I am finding grits easier to find here than in Texas. They are generally served with all breakfasts as Texans do hash browns. That suits me; I like grits so much better.

Another unusual quirk is that folks here enjoy making pies and cakes with Twinkies. I haven't been served one yet, but Brandon has told me about them. Yuck--I will have to plead diabetes if that every occurs.

Then there is always the pork vs. beef barbeque argument. I will take beef anyday.

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