Saturday, June 18, 2005

BA Biblioholics Anonymous

Hello, my name is Judy. I am a biblioholic. Putting me in a bookstore is akin to putting a chocolate lover in the Ghirardelli factory or a bank robber in an open bank vault.

Having access to three great bookstores after having none in Abilene has just about driven me over the edge. With Davis-Kidd, Borders and Barnes and Noble all within driving distance, I am in heaven.

Yesterday I drove to Cool Springs and visited Borders and Barnes and Noble. I had been in a Borders store only once before. Walking in through the coffee shop, I just had to stop for a latte with whipped creme on top. With that I got a coupon for 50% off the next drink and 30% off the next book I buy. So of course, I have to go back. I like the way the store is laid out--things seem much more accessible than in B&N. Well-labeled, neatly arranged, and guaranteed to lure the buyer in. They had a sale of buy two trade paperbacks and get one free. (I did not succumb.) I was looking for a cd for Brandon but got waylaid by the display of books on Tennesse history.

I generally go first to the religious section (Davis-Kidd beats them all), and then to children's books, and wind up at the books about writing. I always have to stop at the mystery section. AND browse in the new fiction and non-fiction section. I never make it to science or sports.

Barnes and Noble has a membership card which gives one 10% off of every book and that makes them inviting. So all three have reasons to visit.

I guess I had better find a chapter of BA here--but several books clubs are beckoning; so I will belly up to the bar and give in.

Thank you God for the sweet pleasure of reading your Word and other books. Psalm 119 says it all.

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