Thursday, June 02, 2005

Telling your story

"In America, people matter and everybody's got a story," says Dave Isay creator of a project called StoryCorps. The project will tour 24 cities gathering memories from young, old, all ethnic groups, etc. A copy of the CD recorded will be given to the story-teller and one will go into the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress where it will become part of a digital archive. More info at

You don't have to wait for the StoryCorps--you can write your own story. Your life has a plot. Frederick Buechner has written, "words are so much a part of what we keep the past alive by...." If you don't tell your story--who will? Only you know the words and the sounds of your life. Years from now, your grandchildren will wonder about your journey, about the thousands of big and small details of your life, about the dogs you had, the candy you liked to eat, how you met your spouse, about the many times God intervened to bless you or lead you down another road.

God forbid that all we leave our children is the history of wars.

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