Monday, June 20, 2005

The remains of the day

I didn't like the movie/novel very much, but I do love the title--The Remains of the Day.

Today I am sorting through the remains of yesterday--picking up stuff, throwing away the Sunday paper and remembering little tidbits from yesterday:

The six of us sitting around a table with a yellow umbrella on the patio of Mere Bulls. Sheryl, already shrunk from pregnancy, looking so pretty; Maddie, who was in a particularly joyful mood; Ella, her typically bouyant self; Brandon, the FATHER of THREE children; Baby Sam, sleeping; and me.

Ella and Maddie are so different--Maddie can practically faint on seeing a fly or any other bug. Ella just says "Shoo Fly." I tried to teach Maddie the song "Shoo Fly" for the next time she is buzzed. Maddie can rejoice in the smallest things. A butterfly landed on the waiter's back, and she had to tell the world. We should all rejoice in small things!

The weather was wonderful, a slight breeze was blowing, and the eggs Benedict were very good with fried green tomatoes and a mimosa. Can you get any more Southern than that?

Father, thank you for the remains of sweet days.

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