Monday, June 13, 2005

Kool-Aid and Jesus

A recent Southern Living magazine (May, 2005) cites that the South consumes more Kool-Aid per capita than any other part of the country. The author attributes it to Vacation Bible School.

Who can ever forget those summer days of stories, songs, cookies and Kool-Aid? Nowadays VBS always has a theme. I don't remember that growing up--I do remember the end of the morning when we were all let out to grab refreshments--always cookies (chocolate chip) and Kool-Aid. I remember my mother baking cookies and taking her turn in the kitchen mixing Kool-Aid for the hordes who attended.

There was always arts and crafts time too. We looked forward to it. What I most enjoyed was that Van Goghs were not required. Any child could make the day's craft and be rewarded for it. My mother kept the required hand mold in plaster for years. We did sand pictures when studying the House On the Rock--talk about a mess. Somewhat akin to an art lesson using glitter.

I know that volunteers get tired of doing VBS year after year; however, I think it is one of the stellar things we do in church--our memories tell us so.

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