Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The state of the cemetery

I spent yesterday afternoon under a funeral tent in the stately old Faulkenberry Cemetery in Groesbeck, Tx where the Thomas family has been buried since 1909. I was saying goodbye to Sam's Aunt Ruby (more about her in a later blog). This beautiful cemetery is really the way all cemeteries should look. I personally do not like the modern places of burial with all the tombstones flat and no place for trees. This one has been around long enough for huge oak trees, pine trees and gorgeous crepe myrtles to grow full. Here and there are old plots outlined with beautiful old iron fencing. The Woodman of the World monuments have always fascinated me--why would anyone want to be buried under a monument that looks like a stump? ----- All the Limestone County pioneers are there with some Confederate soldiers, WWI, WWII and other veterans represented. There are heart-breaking monuments with pictures of very young children. One can tell by the dates when the flu epidemic of the early 1900's came through. Unfortunately there are still remnants of segregation in which those corpses not white were buried outside the rim--wonder what the follks who made the decision to segregate will do in heaven when ALL of us get home? The cemetery is in the middle of farmland, so that one can hear and see cattle nearby--a truly bucolic scene. My husband's grandfather bought enough plots for several generations to be buried there--Now there are four generations from 1909 to 2004 there. My name is on one of the monuments--gives me pause everytime I see it. Thank you Father for ancestors who planned well, for relatives who loved us, and for the lives you give us to live today.

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