Friday, September 03, 2004

Aunt Ruby

An era has ended in our family. The woman who took care of everyone is gone. In the late 30's and 40's, she took in three little waifs whose father was an alcholic and whose mother could not make a home for them. They were my husband and his brother and sister. She fed them, teased them, took them to school and church and inculcated those heavy things that parents are supposed to teach their children--the value of hard work, education and loving God. She was the only remaining charter member of her dwindling church and there fixed many meals for the bereaved, for those who were ill, and those who were down on their luck. She never missed a service until she became ill and could not go--and she expected anyone in her house--visiting or otherwise to go too.------- She had a great sense of humor and play which she passed on to her nephews and nieces. One Sunday morning after Ruby had gotten ready for church (hose, heels, hat, gloves, etc.) my Sam picked her up and took her kicking and screaming and dropped her in the horse trough full of dirty water. Dripping and muttering, she chased him around the block, throwing rocks and corn cobs at him. He was just getting back at her because of some trick she had played on him.-------Later, she took in three other nephews after their parents divorced and saw them through middle school, high school and college. And she did all this while she held down a full-time job at the telephone office and took care of her little farm on the side. She was one strong woman, I celebrate her and mourn her loss.

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