Saturday, September 04, 2004

Aunt Ruby P. S.

One of the things I forgot to say about Aunt Ruby and which I want to preserve for Maddie and Ella was that during WWII she and her sister Ida moved to San Marcos where they folded parachutes for the Air Force at the San Marcos Air Field. She was not "Rosie the Riviter", but had a very important job on which lives depended. 3 million women went to work in defense plants around the country--never again to return to the old model of cooking, cleaning and washing "homemakers." Looking at Ruby's old scrapbook about those days, I was reminded about how many ways Americans supported that war effort. I remember my mother putting up the sugar bowl saying sugar was rationed, and that we would now drink our drinks without it. Even now, I cannot drink tea or coffee with sugar. We collected "tin foil" and turned it into the collection center. I don't know what it was used for. Tires were at a premium and were kept on cars long after they should have been replaced. Movies glorifying war played at every theater; in fact, some of them are still playing.What a difference 60 years make! Dear Father, thank you for the sacrifices of our relatives and friends during the tough times from which we are so far removed.

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