Monday, September 06, 2004

A story, a story

I have spent a large portion of my life reading stories to children.Today I spoke to a class at ACU and tried to convince the students that they are part of a story. We all live in narrative, a story-----which has a beginning and an end, has a plot, and has characters. Each day of our life is a chapter in our story. Frederick Bueckner has written that it is good to look back at our stories because it is there that we can see the hand of God in our life.----- Stories have always been important in all cultures. Early peoples told stories to explain natural phenomenon which we now understand because of scientific investigations.They told stories about the sun, the moon and the stars; about why fish needed water; and why there was a rainbow in the sky. One of the most magical phrases in English is "Once upon a time...." I love stories and hope to continue reading and sharing them. Dear Father, thank you for the stories you have given us about your love and care--help us to turn to them for comfort and the replenishment of our faith.

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