Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Revolution and the retired ones

I attended the retired teachers' dinner sponsored by AISD today. It was good to see all those folks--never seen so many gray hairs in one place except at a rural Church of Christ.

The entertainment was a group of students from Abilene High and Cooper High--the group had about 15 violins, a bass guitar and 2 drum sets. They were magnificent! Watching the retired teachers around me reminded me that people don't know how to respond to performances. Some had very sour looks on their faces; some talked to their neighbor; some got up to hunt coffee. This is true of many adult audiences when students perform. A little smile goes a long way to a performer and an engaged listener is a joy. To give the teachers credit, they did give the group two standing ovations which were highly deserved.

Thanks to the kids and their teacher for a well-spent lunch!

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