Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Pray for the creators

We are opening a new exhibit tomorrow at the NCCIL (www.NCCIL.org) with the new work of Paul Zelinsky. His Rapunzel in medieval dress won him a Caldecott in l998.

I have been asked to lead a prayer for the luncheon honoring him on Thursday. In thinking about that, I tried to picture a world without artists, musicians, writers, actors, or poets. I don't think I would like to live in that world.

The following quote is from Jeff Berryman at the Zoe Conference several years ago: "If you want changes in Hollywood, in the mass culture, and in the lives of your children and grandchildren, do this simple but hard thing, and my intuition tells me things may just change. Do this. Go to the artists in your churches, the poets, the actors, the musicians, the designers, the painters, the potters, and the screenwriters.

Go to them, wherever their lives are at, and hold them. Tell them to pray and work. Tell them to write. Tell them to unfold their poetry to God and to ask the Holy Spirit to be present in the work. Tell them to dream films, and to envision plays, and to dance with the gift that God gave them. Tell them that you will pray for them, and then do it.

Accept their oddities, forgive them when they sin, and extend to them the safety and freedom to do their work. My faith is that God will bless them and care for them. One other thing, tell them that nothing can separate them from the love of God in Christ Jesus."

Father, thank you for all those who create beauty and cause us to think. Bless them all tonight.

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