Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tradition and Pagentry

I attended ACU's opening ceremonies yesterday,and as always, was awed and impressed with the traditional elements--the parade of flags, the reading of Paul's sermon  on Mars' Hill and the singing of "All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name.  Chills

I also remembered with fondness walking with all the other teachers through the auditorium in our robes--a showing of respect for the academic area of the university.  I remember  being impressed with some of the more unusual robes--red and yellow.  I got along with my blue hood.  I do miss that showing off as we strode to our seats above the stage.

I miss the excitement of the first day in class--seeing what students I had, meeting them, sharing tidbits of our lives, and getting ready to meet Cinderella, C. S. Lewis, Katharine Paterson, and all the glorious illustrators in Childrens' Literature.  Those were really fun days for me and I miss them more than any other segment of my teaching days.

Today I am wondering where the time went?

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