Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Dome

Rain is falling as I write in Hawley, C-City, Stamford, Winters, but not in Abilene!
Is there an invisible dome over this city?  Strange.  There are thunderstorms predicted for the county, so maybe...

I do pray that Irene will not act as predicted and that the major cities up east will be spared--too many people, too many tall buildings.  They have already had an earthquake this week--they don't need another weather happening.

Friday night football begins tomorrow--gnerally viewed here as one of the most important entertainment venues around.  I must say, I do miss the excitement of the games, the smell of popcorn, marching in the band, sitting on the very uncomfortable bleachers and gossiping with my fellow band members. (Football was secondary.)  There is nothing that pulls small towns together like a good football team.

Dear Father, 
Please bless those young men who play--keep them from harm, broken limbs, concussions, heat strokes (105 predicted tomorrow), sprains, and spinal problems...what fools are we just for a little entertainment!

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