Monday, October 27, 2008

High School Musical 3

Applying the word "nostalgic" to a contemporary movie is like the kiss of death to the movie. Many movie critics are calling the HSM series nostalgic. Yet #3 made 42 million dollars this weekend and is destined to make more money than most of the Disney movies. So much for the "kiss of death" and the poor earnings of "G" rated movies. More, more, I say.

Brandon, Sam, Ella, and I went to the opening on Friday night in Cool Springs. Maddie was also there as part of birthday party celebration for Sydney Williamson. The movie was crawling with 7-9 year old girls. And, by the way, with much older (college age) girls who had Zac Ephron's picture on their T-shirts. I would have worn one, but I don't have one. ( I do think he is one of handsomest of the new crop of young men starring today--those Paul Newman eyes!)
At any rate, the night was like a happening--much clapping, oooh's and aaah's, and lots of joyful movement as the dance numbers progressed. (Sam was showing his moves throughout.)

Because the budget for this one was much bigger than those of the first two, the production numbers were huge and quite well-done, I thought. After watching "Troy" dance, there was no doubt why he has been chosen to star in the coming remake of Footloose. As most critics have noted, the story is slight, but very appealing. Some have said these shows are "what everyone wishes high school could have been."

Absolutely clean in dialogue, clinches, and dances, this movie is a first-rate family film. Of course, one has to get to used to the idea that any character can break out in song at any moment. As a devotee of movie musicals from my teens, it did not bother me. I'll have to admit I am sorry to see these stars go--they are all off to college or other theatrical efforts. I shall miss them and their happy jaunts through high school life.

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