Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stuff and more Stuff

I got eleven catalogs in the mail yesterday--argh! I am learning to throw most of them away without looking inside--no temptation that way. I guess the season of buying and spending is upon us.

Considering what Rhonda Lowry tried to teach us about simplicity this week, I shall be trying very hard not to add to to my stuff. Simplicity is not only an action, she said. It is an attitude of the heart--ant that is why is so hard.....

Our community recently had a garage sale, and I had Sheryl come and get down some stuff from the top shelf in my closet which I cannot reach to add to it. It was stuff I had not only not used in the last four years, but I had really forgotten.
So it was not very hard to get rid of.

If I write about simplicity some the next few days, forgive me--I'm just trying to change that attitude. Now I have to go to a used book sale (I am taking more to donate than I will buy--these are just those mystery novels I read at night, so no trouble giving them away--don't ask me to give away the book I recently bought, however.)

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