Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Small Things

I didn't want to go Monday night.

I was tired and had company coming which meant cleaning, washing, and cooking.

Otter's Latter Day Saints were serving dinner at the Hospital Hospitality House near the Centennial and Baptist hospitals. HHH is an inexpensive facility where people who have long-term patients in the hospitals can stay--It is nice, clean, secure lodging at $20 per night with arrangements for those who can not afford to pay. Truly a gift from God for those who need it.

So, I pushed myself and went taking my Pumpkin Dessert.

Upon arriving, those already there exclaimed to me: "there is a young couple outside who are thinking about moving to Abilene." I was their appointed dinner partner. Volunteers like us supply food, a listening ear and compassion.

The couple, in their early 30's, had deep lines of exhaustion in their faces. Their new son
(2 1/2 weeks old) had been born with breathing and eating problems. The parents were walking across the parking lot every three hours to feed him. Their other 4 children were being cared for by friends and relatives.

From McMinnville, the couple seemed not only needy physically and emotionally, but also financially. When I asked what Otter could do for them, their only requests were prayers and money for gas to get home. I gave them Doug Sander's name and told them where Otter was.

Tuesday morning as I left Ladies' class, they were coming into the church. Doug later e-mailed that we assisted them with gas money. Mission accomplished.

I was somewhat surprised to learn that they had plans to move to Abilene in January to begin college degrees at ACU in computer science and agribusiness. Needing a new beginning and having relatives who had attended ACU, they thought Abilene was a good choice. I don't think they know yet how expensive a proposition that is.

I couldn't help but think them somewhat naive, although ambitious. How can a family of seven which doesn't have 2 pennies to rub together make it at ACU?

But then I had to remember a girl from a poor family in Hamlin, Texas who scrambled for scholarships, worked a year after high school graduation and worked 5 hours every day all through school at ACU who made it. Not only did I make it with a BA, but also a Masters and two additional certfications. God blesses the naively ambitious.

I was very glad I obeyed the nudge in my mind from the Spirit to go and serve.

They were small things--the cake, the time and the question, "what can we do for you?".

Mother Teresa said that we don't have to do great things, only "small things with great love."

I haven't told this story to toot my own horn by any means--just a little reminder that small things can often turn out to be great things when blessed by God.

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