Monday, October 20, 2008

Blessing Gracie Rae

Gracie's shower was a blessing to her and to those attended yesterday. I love Otter's tradition of a short devo and blessing before diving into the food and gifts. It is a very special time for the mom and dad. I am also glad that dads can attend baby showers now--Kevin got the full benefit of the love that flowed in the room.

Ella, Sam and Maddie were good helpers yesterday, arranging the gifts and then "helping" Kiki pull the paper off the surprises. It was good for them to see and hear the blessings too.

As Gracie enters the world surrounded with love, I couldn't help but think about all those babies born yesterday who did not have that foundation--who entered poverty and sadness in a way Gracie will never know. And I thought of these lines by Marion Wright Edelman:

"Weary child of the night and of the streets,
afraid and abused and in need of safe haven and home
to rest and to nest.
God is love, and you are God's beloved.

Child of poverty unburdened by the chains of things
and greed that imprison the have-to-muches,
God came in your disguise to save us all.
God is love and you are God's beloved."

And I pray for them, as I pray for Gracie Rae and Maddie, Ella, and Sam in the words of Edelman:

O, God, help them to feel love and appreciation for all your gifts of life.
Grant each of them a passion for peace and for justice.
Give them kindness for those who are weak and needy and sad and afraid.
Grant them courage to stand up for right and to struggle against wrong.
Help our children to sing their own songs
and to hear and join in the songs of others...

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