Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Media Saturation

Well, the debate last night proved that some people do not translate on TV. Just as Nixon did in the past with the medium, McCain probably lost the election last night--he was nervous, awkward, abrupt, sometimes tongue-tied, and seemed not to know where the camera was. Besides going over his time often! He has a warm, emotive voice--but seeing him just gave me the creeps. He seemed to have no confidence at all, even though he had begged for the format used last night. (and his use of "that one" was disheartening). My take on it, as a Senior Citizen, is that he simply forgot Obama's name, as we are prone to do in the heat of battle. It was not meant as racist, nor was it dismissive, as the press would have you think. Just wish the press would show a little common sense and shut up about some things.

While Obama seemed calm, dignified, confident and straightforward, McCain was peevish, priggish and (my word) "slumpy." Too bad--it was his time to show that he had plans for the future--real plans apart from the Bush Adm.... I predict he will drop even farther in the polls.

Did you notice how nice the stage looked last night and how beautifully the Curb Center and the bell tower were draped? Probably not, but Brandon's company did all that--and it looked really good. (See Brandon's blog for pictures). Musick and Nashville got a lot of press this week--so glad.

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