Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Walk the line

I finally got in to see Walk the Line about Johnny Cash. It was a very good movie with a few slow moments; however, I am glad I went. I never thought of Jouquin Phoenix (what kind of name is that?)as a good actor, but he became Johnny Cash before the movie was over. I didn't know that Cash started out with Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis at the beginning of the rock and roll movement. The music and the devotion of Johnny's June Carter (played well by Nashville's Reese Witherspoon) are worth the price of admission.

The movie is also a commentary about the importance of good fathering. Cash's father was a violent drunk who constantly compared him to his older brother who was killed in an accident. Even in adulthood fame, his father could find nothing good to say to him or about Johnny. I am so glad that Brandon and his father had a wonderful relationship. Sam was such an encourager and lover of his son. I am sorry he did not live to see the model Brandon has become and to see the benefits of all those performances we attended.

Thank you God for being our father and for all the good fathers I have known.

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