Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving, 2005

Over Old Hickory, down Nolensville Road to Nonnie's house we go....A few recollections of yesterday, saved for Maddie, Ella and Sam:

From the sound of the first band in the Macy's Parade, to the last bite of turkey, the day was picture-perfect--family, friends and good food. Sheryl brought green bean casserole, a new sweet potato dish (Yummy!) and a pumpkin cheesecake. Brandon made his orange jello favorite salad. Here there was turkey, regular and smoked, gravy, cornbread dressing (thanks to the Roeders for the hint to cook the celery and onions in the cornbread), fruit salad (apples, oranges and whipped cream in great-grandmother Granny Tucker's 100-year old bowl), hot pineapple casserole (a new dish), cranberry sauce,
hash brown casserole, olives and Sister Schubert rolls (which I forgot to cook). And
there was pumpkin pie with whipped cream, pumpkin cheesecake and coffee with Bailey's for dessert. A new hit for the girls were the Clementine oranges--lots of Vitamin C dispensed!

Maddie and Ella brought suitcases readied for taking naps at Nonnie's for the first time. Sam slept on his blue blanket. After lunch, with pallets on the study floor, and Sam in the bedroom, they bedded down for a Thanksgiving nap. The adults, Kiki and Kyle, Nonnie, Mommy and Daddy played cards.

Reading books, playing with Nonnie's toys and watching the "Muffet" Christmas movie were also part of the day.

It was dark when everyone left--I had to sit in my chair and smile over the day when my best and brightest came to visit.

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