Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Happy Birthday, Babe

36 years ago today, Nov. 15, 1969, a baby boy came to stay at our house and changed our lives forever. After being married for 7 years, we were more than ready for a baby. He looked much like Baby Sam, but was a little less laid back. He had the red hair of Maddie, but it gradually faded to a softer red. He had the exuberant personality of Ella which never faded.

Sam and I were both exorbitantly proud parents--faithful to attend every function at school, church, ball park and stadium. Brandon Scott Thomas was bright, so we didn't have to nag much about grades or accomplishments. He had very good moral friends, so we didn't have to worry about bad escapades (at least he didn't get caught). When we recorded his singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star at age 2, we did not know he would grow into his gift for song and worship. When we let him audition for a place in the ACU musical Music Man at age eight, we didn't know he would spend his life producing recordings, Christmas and Easter musicals. When he decided to major in communication, we did not know that his gifts for communicating would greatly outweigh his education. When we took him to church everytime the doors were open, we did not know that he would be such a wonderful man of God and a passionate lover of Jesus. When we gave him his first little red "sports" car, we did not know that he would eventually be driving a white van with three children's car seats attached. As we watched him associate with girls and date virtually every pretty girl in ACU, we did not know that he would eventually find the perfect mate, a beautiful woman who also loves God, parents perfectly, and sings as well--Sheryl Rathbun.

You may have figured out that I am still extraordinarily proud of my son. I love his passion for God and music. I love his exuberance, enthusiasm, panache, and charisma. Yes, I love his hair "do," I love the way he loves his wife and children. I love his care and concern for his friends and family. I love the way he lives--to the hilt in everything he does.

Thank you Babe for being my son this birthday.

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