Thursday, November 03, 2005

All Saints Day

Where did this week go????

Last night at Vespers, we celebrated All Saints Day which was actually Tuesday--a day to celebrate and honor that great cloud of witnesses who came before us in the faith.

I have been thinking about it all day and about the great cloud of witnesses who came before me,who upheld the name of Jesus and didn't throw in the towel and give up.

How can I not honor: Paul, Peter and John, Mary, Phoebe, St. Benedict, Martin Luther, John Wesley and Susanna, his wonderful mother, Alexander Campbell, St. Scholastica, Teresa of Avila, Mother Teresa, L. O. Sanderson, Fanny Crosby, Anne Hutchinson, Laura Smith, Evelyn Underhill, Corrie ten Boom, Billy Sunday, John Newton, Barton W. Stone, Lottie Bonner, Maude Fletcher, W. L. Fletcher Jr., John Elkins, Amber Yadon, William Samuel Herndon, Pauline Brandon, Lizzie Belle Herndon Tucker, Sam Thomas and hundreds of others who paved the way for me.

No they were not all members of the Church of Christ, they were not all learned scholars, some had agendas, some fell flat on their faces, but got up, some were wrong about many things--but they did not quit. They kept pushing Jesus and His Way on those surrounding them.

Thank you God for this great crowd. I still hear their voices urging me on.

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