Monday, November 28, 2005

Unpacking Christmas

Last year I arrived in Nashville too late to decorate for Christmas. I have spent this day looking for Christmas among all the boxes in the garage AND trying to figure out how to fit what I have into a new house.

Nevertheless, the opening of each box brings priceless memories. I finally have a mantle with a lip on which to hang the sequined balls done by Claranell Murray, a teacher at Bowie in Abilene. She gave us one each year covered painstakingly with sequins with Brandon's school picture highlighted in the middle. On the back were sequins noting the year. She did the first one 31 years ago. They are a beautiful treasure.

I ordered Sam a stocking to add to the others. Naturally it doesn't match, but that's o. k. Our family is big about stocking gifts. We enjoy opening them almost as much as the larger gifts. The package may contain paper clips, but it is still fun to wrap and open it.

Back to the boxes! I think I am going to have help putting up the tree tonight.

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