Tuesday, November 22, 2005


43 years ago today I married Sam Thomas, a tall, gangling auburn-haired teacher from Pasadena, Texas. I was 24, and he was 29. His family had long given up his marrying anyone. But fortunately, we were introduced by mutual friends,and after a rocky beginning, made it to the altar. My long-time friend Rodney Spaulding performed the ceremony at the University Church chapel in Abilene.

Our rehearsal dinner was rather unorthodox--Sam's family hosted a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at the home of friends in Abilene, Raborn and Velma Powell. That way the families really got to know each other over turkey and pumpkin pie.

The next day was beautiful. Over 300 friends watched as Sam and I exchanged vows which we wrote to each other. Neither of us knew much about married life--we were green and idealistic, but gradually worked through the eccentricities of each other and began to enjoy it. We moved into a new apartment near ACU and with one car and began to live the lives of teachers--lots of time planning, programs almost every night ( I was teaching in Eula nearby and had duties selling concessions at the basketball games twice a week), and church at Minter Lane on the weekend.

The 29 years we spent together before his death were full of fun, laughter, tears, ups and downs--but were very blessed by God. Thank you God for Sam Thomas and our married time together.

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