Thursday, April 01, 2010

Troubled Again

For the last few weeks that old problem of the way women are treated  in my fellowship has been bothering me.

We have been studying the Last Supper in Luke, and as I looked at it, I remembered John Mark Hicks" good book on the subject called Come to the Table, Reimagining the Lord's Supper.  In it he says, that the only table in the church that women are not allowed to serve is the Lord's table---the context of the statement was that Jesus was being a servant at the Last Supper and was modeling servanthood.  Despite DaVinci, I know there were women there--who else got the food ready, swept the room, and cleaned up? ( There were women all over the end of Luke following Jesus everywhere, even to the tomb, why should they not follow him to a Passover celebration?) And if one examines Acts 2:42 and following, the Lord's supper was celebrated in homes (probably everyday) with women again heavily involved.  So?

In his blog this week on why young adults are leaving the church in droves, Mike Cope quotes one young adult as saying the church is sexist.  "I don't believe Jesus was sexist."  The student then goes on to compare the church to a "boys club for adults."  I have said for a long time that our daughters and their daughters will leave our little masculine fellowship and not come back--just sayin'......

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