Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Frank Admission

O.K., I don't mind admitting I watch and really like Glee--the Fox program about a high school teacher who begins and  nurtures a school show choir. Many in the choir are those tossed aside by the high school culture, racially and otherwise--one guy is in a wheelchair, one girl is Jewish, another is Asian, etc. Along the way he is harrassed by the cheerleader sponsor of an award winning cheer squad named the Cheerios. 

Although the program is not Christian as some would view that, the writers do manage to get in some core values.  Last night's program was probably the best I have seen.  There was a message to the whole student body via the song "I Am Beautiful" saying that no matter what we look like--boy, girl, red, black, fat, thin, handicapped, athlete, blond or red-head, we all have value, and we are all beautiful.  It was sung by an overweight black girl who had been struggling to fit in by losing weight.  I don't know of a more important message for adolescents who hear messages every day about what it right and perfect and beautiful from their peers and the media.

The program is pure fantasy and could never happen in a real high school, but I enjoy it.  Kristen Chenoweth was guest last night.  Brandon was telling me that she is a strong believer, which of course not easy in her

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