Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tokens and all things green

Tokens is one of Nashville's somewhat unknown treasures, although interest is picking up.   Modeled after Garrison Keillor's show, Tokens is a combination of music, mostly blue-grass, theology, humor, and old-time vaudeville.  Lee Camp, a theology professor from Lipscomb University is the creator and show host.  There is a several piece band led by Jeff Taylor.  And there are always feature singers and musicians.

Last night Amy Grant and Odessa Settles were featured along with the somewhat regular Buddy Green--the harmonica virtuoso.  The topic of the show was Back to Green and emphasized the importance of proper use of God's creation.

I loved Settles' rendition of "His Eye is on the Sparrow".  Amy sang several unfamiliar songs, but one was a Joni Mitchell hit --- I am not sure of the title "Put Up a Parking Lot" ? 

Also regularly on the show, Lee interviews authors of books.  The two guys last night  I had never hard of:  one wrote a book called Revolution in a Bottle, and the other had done a documentary called "Killowatt Ours".  Very interesting though.

The whole thing is a feel good hour with excellent music and thought-provoking ideas. It's a fun way to take a spoonful of theology.

One of the regular features of the show is "Class and Grass" in which the band mixes a classical piece with blue-grass added.  Last night was Haydyn's  The Creation, from which "The Spacious Firmament on High is taken"  I really enjoy seeing what they can do.

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