Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Human Side of Jesus

I don't often stop and look at the human side of Jesus.  I remember when Max Lucado said in one of his books that Jesus blew his nose and that stopped me dead in my tracks--never had thought about that.

Someone has said..."he came among us frying fish, telling stories, weeping over deaths, drawing in the dirt, spitting and making mud..."  I would add to that  cursing an unproductive fig tree, making wine for a feast, walking in sandals on a dusty road, working with wood, and riding on the back of a donkey.  He picked flowers, noticed birds, broke bread, drank wine, sat in the living room of Mary, Martha and Lazarus, called little children to him and washed the feet of his friends.

He spoke to and shared time with the poor, the disenfranchised, the homeless, housewives, and women who later supported him out of their means.

Somehow it helps my faith to look at these mundane actions and to know that my Christ valued them.  As I live out my life on the same planet where Jesus walked, I pray that I too will value each day, each action, each circumstance as Jesus did.  Kathleen Norris wrote, "There is transforming power hiding in the simplest things."

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