Friday, April 23, 2010

For the Children

Otter Creek is winding up a building campaign designed to bring our Kindergarten (now at the old building)
to our new location and to provide more classrooms for children and adults.  Our child population has grown 31% since we moved into our new building.

Stirring and emotional videos have been made about the effect of Otter and its teachers on the children of the past (many of whom now attend and bring their own children).  It is good to see results of good teaching and living come out in our children, and I am glad that is being emphasized.  The past is important in shaping tomorrow.

All too often parents do not realize the effect that godly teachers and their own daily habits have on children. Surrounded by a loving church family can make a lot of difference in the lives of tomorrow's Christians.  Our children and grandchildren will not follow the exact same path as we have (they may find different ways of doing things like we did) but those deep springs of core values will be there for them to draw on.

So, praise to all of you who use your time to prepare for teaching our children and to show them what Jesus would do  and who hang in there year after year.  I do appreciate you!

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