Saturday, January 02, 2010

Bored? Me?

Why do some people seem perpetually bored? "I have nothing to do," is not a part of my speech.

Beginning in the house, everywhere I look is a project:

Bedroom:  Clean out the closet for Goodwill, straighten the dresser drawers so I can find matching socks, dust the "reading" knick-knacks, air the pillows, check under the bed for give-aways or throw-aways, wash, starch, and iron the doilies and white pillow covers, straighten the toy basket, dust the book shelves, pulling off those that can be traded or given away.

Living room:  dust blinds (all over house actually), cull videos I don't want, toss out unread magazines, plump sofa pillows, redecorate the coffee table and mantle.

Kitchen:  clean oven, wax the floor, cull and rearrange the pantry, straighten all cupboard shelves, watching for unused items for Goodwill, clean out fridge and freezer, clean stove top, clear cabinet top.

Office:  Clean out all files (three filing cabinets) of items I have not used in the past two years, clean the closet, go through those book shelves, dust and cull, straighten and get rid of unused CD's.  Dust everything!

Garage:  Don't get me started!

Flower beds and yard:  Forget that.

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