Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bookstore Gift Card

For a book loveer, nothing quite matches the anxious excitement of having a gift card to spend at a book store.

Surrounded by books one has heard discussed, reviewed, and posted on "best" lists prompts a confusion of choice:  Which one now?  Which one can't I miss?  Which one should I just wait for in paperback? Which one is worth the money I'm spending and is a keeper for my shelves?

Shall I choose the new Grafton, the new Grisham, the new Conroy?  Or the sequel to THREE CUPS OF TEA?  Oh, and there's the Andrew Jackson biography I've been wanting to read and Kearn's  A TEAM OF RIVALS.  And look at all those books on sale!

What a delicious dilemma...

I chose Robert Hicks' A SEPARATE COUNTRY about John Bell Hood. (After all, I am a Texan!)

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